[ZendTo] zendto-saml package version to support PHP >8.0

Michael Young m.a.young at durham.ac.uk
Tue Feb 7 14:47:11 GMT 2023

On Mon, 6 Feb 2023, Craig Gilbert via ZendTo wrote:

> Hi all,
> We’re in the process of moving our ZendTo install over to PHP >8.0 and have
> noticed that SimpleSAMLphp doesn’t work in PHP >8.0. Upon further
> investigation, it looks like we’re running an older version of the
> zendto-saml package; version 1.0-1. This is the latest version that’s
> available in the yum repository:
> ...
> I’ve been looking to manually update the zendto-saml package using the
> up-to-date rpm, but according to the ChangeLog-saml file in
> zendto-saml-1.1-3.noarch.rpm, the 1.1-3 build is actually 1.0-1, although
> comparing the composer.json file in opt/zendto/simplesamlphp/ it has a
> version bump from 1.18.6 to 1.19.5, so perhaps the rpm version is a later
> version?
> Does anyone know if the zendto-saml rpm on the website is a later version
> than 1.0-1 under the hood, and if so, if there is a plan to get this into
> the yum repo? I don’t mind manually upgrading the rpm – having it in the
> repo is just a nice-to-have.

I had a quick look at the code and zendto-saml-1.1-3.noarch is indeed a 
later version than zendto-saml-1.0-1.noarch and should support php 8

 	Michael Young

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