[ZendTo] zendto-saml package version to support PHP >8.0

Craig Gilbert Craig.Gilbert at nexus.org.uk
Mon Feb 6 16:36:04 GMT 2023

Hi all,

We're in the process of moving our ZendTo install over to PHP >8.0 and have noticed that SimpleSAMLphp doesn't work in PHP >8.0. Upon further investigation, it looks like we're running an older version of the zendto-saml package; version 1.0-1. This is the latest version that's available in the yum repository:

[nobody at nothing ~]$ sudo dnf update
Last metadata expiration check: 0:01:48 ago on Mon 06 Feb 2023 04:13:11 PM GMT.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.
[nobody at nothing ~]$ sudo dnf list | grep zendto
zendto.noarch                                                     6.13-3                                                      @ZendTo
zendto-repo.noarch                                                1.1-1                                                       @System
zendto-saml.noarch                                                1.0-1                                                       @ZendTo

But is older than the rpm package on the zend.to site, which is version 1.1-3 (https://zend.to/downloads)

I've been looking to manually update the zendto-saml package using the up-to-date rpm, but according to the ChangeLog-saml file in zendto-saml-1.1-3.noarch.rpm, the 1.1-3 build is actually 1.0-1, although comparing the composer.json file in opt/zendto/simplesamlphp/ it has a version bump from 1.18.6 to 1.19.5, so perhaps the rpm version is a later version?

Does anyone know if the zendto-saml rpm on the website is a later version than 1.0-1 under the hood, and if so, if there is a plan to get this into the yum repo? I don't mind manually upgrading the rpm - having it in the repo is just a nice-to-have.

Thank you in advance for any advice given.

Kind Regards,

Craig Gilbert (he/him/his)
Systems Architect

ICT, Nexus House, St. James' Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4AX

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