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Usually we only open tenders to a specific list of suppliers, so can 
send a Request to each one.

Beware that each Request can only be used once. If you specify multiple 
"To" addresses on the form (a pop-up tip tells you how) then it will 
send a separate unique Request to each recipient.

However, people outside your organisation don't need a Request in order 
to send you files (ie their bid). But doing so saves them having to 
verify their own email address, and means that your email address and 
the Subject line are pre-set for them. So getting a Request make their 
lives a bit easier, but they don't *have* to get one.

Hope that helps,

On 11/09/2020 13:36, Gregg Douglas via ZendTo wrote:
> Hi,
> When you follow the process of "Request a Drop-off" it requires a "To" 
> Address. How would one go about if you don't know who is going to use 
> the Drop-off
> So, in the example of an open Tender, you don't know who will respond 
> to the Tender, thus it is not possible to complete the "To" field.
> Thanks
> Gregg
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