[ZendTo] Patch for recaptcha and tne new_dropoff.js problem (for the beta)

Santiago Garcia Mantinan manty at manty.net
Fri Sep 11 08:00:53 BST 2020

Hi again!

> Try putting it in at the start of line 4 of header.tpl.
> You need to leave the "<!DOCTYPE....>" tag in lines 1-3 at the very top of the file.
> But you then want to set it before including the "functions.tpl" file, as that file uses the value.

Well... it seems to work... wrongly, now the Home button will point me
to wherever I already went, I mean...

If I had chosen language, then home would take me to changelocale.php,
but if I have entered Inbox, then home will take me to pickup_list.php
and if I have entered Outbox then home will take me to
dropoff_list.php, so... it doesn't work as we are stuck without an
effective home button unless we change the language and then we hit
home again.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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