[ZendTo] Patch for recaptcha and tne new_dropoff.js problem (for the beta)

zend.to at neilzone.co.uk zend.to at neilzone.co.uk
Tue Sep 8 08:45:36 BST 2020

> On 8 Sep 2020, at 08:42, Santiago Garcia Mantinan via ZendTo <zendto at zend.to> wrote:
> I want
> to have the external users hit one domain and the internal users a
> different one (it is the same machine, externals see it through a
> proxy while internals don't)….
> So basically I'm a bit stuck here, I didn't want to change all the
> templates, but I don't see any other alternative right now

Would split horizon DNS for the zendtoURL work? The IP of the proxy for external users, the IP of the machine itself for internal users?


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