[ZendTo] Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Jules Field Jules at Zend.To
Fri Mar 22 11:00:02 GMT 2019


Any chance you could build a test VM using the very latest version of 
ZendTo, and see if this problem persists for this 1 user?

Unfortunately the error message you're getting probably refers to the 
php output of one of the template files. So the line number doesn't help 
at all, sadly.

Can you also check your Apache logs for this same "Unexpected 
identifier" error message? That might give more clue, possible.


On 21/03/2019 19:32, Pedrosi, Derek G. via ZendTo wrote:
> I’m running v 5.03 of ZendTo on Ubuntu.
> For at least one certain user, when a drop-off is requested and the 
> link is clicked or the claim number is entered, the “To:” field of the 
> drop-off is left blank, and no drop-off is allowed (clicking the link 
> to drop does nothing).  When I open a console in Chrome, I see an error:
> req.php?req=484624041:77 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
> When I do this with any other use I try, this error does not occur and 
> the “To:” field is populated, the drop-off works as advertised.
> I have no idea what makes this user different (nothing).
> Also, when I look at eh SQLite db I see that all of the data is 
> correctly populated in the “reqtable” table.
> Thanks in advance,
> derek
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