[ZendTo] authLDAPEmailAttr instead of internaldomains.conf

Jules Field Jules at Zend.To
Mon Mar 11 09:07:41 GMT 2019


Do your users have several different email addresses? Here we have 
multiple ones that work, e.g. among others I have
jkf at soton.....
jkf at southampton...
jkf at ecs.soton.....
J.K.Field at soton.....
J.K.Field at southampton.....

and so on.

What appears in your authLDAPEmailAttr attribute?
It's all very well sending an email to the contents of that attribute, 
but is there enough information there to be able to prove the user 
should be allowed / denied sending a drop-off to some other address?

If all I have is *an* email address of an internal recipient, can I 
guarantee being able to find that in the authLDAPEmailAttr attribute of 
your LDAP?


On 08/03/2019 21:11, MICHAEL R MASSE via ZendTo wrote:
> I currently have a working system which utilizes internaldomains.conf to
> restrict outside users from sending to any domain except ones our users
> use.    The problem is that some of those email domains listed have
> users we do not manage, and therefore those users should not be capable
> of receiving an email from Zendto from an outside user.    My
> understanding is that if a domain is included in internaldomains.conf,
> then any email address which matches is capable of receiving said
> email.    I also utilize ldap for user authentication.    Each user in
> my ldap directory has their correct email address which could be made up
> of a number of different domains.    Is it possible for Zendto to check
> for specific valid recipient email addresses by utilizing
> authLDAPEmailAttr instead of the very broad and general
> internaldomains.conf?
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