[ZendTo] authLDAPEmailAttr instead of internaldomains.conf

MICHAEL R MASSE mrm at medicine.wisc.edu
Fri Mar 8 21:11:27 GMT 2019

I currently have a working system which utilizes internaldomains.conf to 
restrict outside users from sending to any domain except ones our users 
use.    The problem is that some of those email domains listed have 
users we do not manage, and therefore those users should not be capable 
of receiving an email from Zendto from an outside user.    My 
understanding is that if a domain is included in internaldomains.conf, 
then any email address which matches is capable of receiving said 
email.    I also utilize ldap for user authentication.    Each user in 
my ldap directory has their correct email address which could be made up 
of a number of different domains.    Is it possible for Zendto to check 
for specific valid recipient email addresses by utilizing 
authLDAPEmailAttr instead of the very broad and general 

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