[ZendTo] Using the IMAP auth and e-mails don't show up from users' address

Jules Field Jules at Zend.To
Wed Oct 31 15:33:53 GMT 2018


If you are authenticating users against Office365, then why not do that 
with AD?
I don't quite see why you need to use the IMAP authenticator at all.
If it's a separate AD forest for some reason, then that's okay, ZendTo 
will happily do 3 different AD forests with independent setups.

So "SMTPsetFromToSender'=>TRUE" works as expected if they login via LDAP 
or AD, but doesn't if they login via IMAP?

What we do here for the "From" address is use an address whose email is 
just automatically trashed, ie. a "no-reply" address. Then automated 
stuff that is replying (incorrectly) to the "From:" or 
(validly/correctly) to the envelope sender will just be thrown away. Any 
human-generated replies will go to the right user.

Thanks for the info about the option you need to pass to O365. I guess 
that's going to need yet another preferences.php setting.


On 31/10/2018 14:49, Travis Zimmerman via ZendTo wrote:
> I configured the IMAP authentication to allow my university's students
> to login to our ZendTo server, but when they drop off files the From
> field is showing the e-mail address configured in zendto.conf instead of
> the student's address. The student's address ends up in the Reply-To
> field, which normally wouldn't be a problem except sometimes automated
> systems reply back to the drop off e-mails and they ignore the Reply-To.
> I have SMTPsetFromToSender => TRUE, users that login via LDAP or AD
> appear to work as expected.
> BTW I am using the IMAP authentication with Office365 and in order to
> get it to login correctly I had to change the imap_open line.
> $mbox = @imap_open('{'.$this->_imapServer.'}INBOX', $uname, $password,
> So don't know if you want to add this to the documentation somewhere or
> incorporate into the NSSIMAPAuthenticator code.
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