[ZendTo] Using the IMAP auth and e-mails don't show up from users' address

Travis Zimmerman TZimmerman at fsu.edu
Wed Oct 31 14:49:57 GMT 2018

I configured the IMAP authentication to allow my university's students 
to login to our ZendTo server, but when they drop off files the From 
field is showing the e-mail address configured in zendto.conf instead of 
the student's address. The student's address ends up in the Reply-To 
field, which normally wouldn't be a problem except sometimes automated 
systems reply back to the drop off e-mails and they ignore the Reply-To.

I have SMTPsetFromToSender => TRUE, users that login via LDAP or AD 
appear to work as expected.

BTW I am using the IMAP authentication with Office365 and in order to 
get it to login correctly I had to change the imap_open line.
$mbox = @imap_open('{'.$this->_imapServer.'}INBOX', $uname, $password, 

So don't know if you want to add this to the documentation somewhere or 
incorporate into the NSSIMAPAuthenticator code.

Travis Zimmerman    tzimmerman at fsu.edu     850-645-8030
Linux Enterprise Applications & Systems    its-linuxadmins at fsu.edu
Information Technology Services, Florida State University

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