[ZendTo] Using the IMAP auth and e-mails don't show up from users' address

Travis Zimmerman TZimmerman at fsu.edu
Wed Oct 31 16:09:47 GMT 2018

I tried to use my university's AD for the students (there is a previous 
e-mail I sent to the ZendTo mailing list about a week ago), but due to 
how our Microsoft Admins configured it they needed to use an alternate 

Yes. When I login to LDAP or AD and drop off a file, the e-mail sent to 
the recipient will show my e-mail address in the From field. If I login 
using the IMAP auth the From field lists the servers default e-mail from 
zendto.conf and the Reply-To field has the IMAP account's e-mail address.

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On 10/31/18 11:33 AM, Jules Field via ZendTo wrote:
> Travis,
> If you are authenticating users against Office365, then why not do 
> that with AD?
> I don't quite see why you need to use the IMAP authenticator at all.
> If it's a separate AD forest for some reason, then that's okay, ZendTo 
> will happily do 3 different AD forests with independent setups.
> So "SMTPsetFromToSender'=>TRUE" works as expected if they login via 
> LDAP or AD, but doesn't if they login via IMAP?
> What we do here for the "From" address is use an address whose email 
> is just automatically trashed, ie. a "no-reply" address. Then 
> automated stuff that is replying (incorrectly) to the "From:" or 
> (validly/correctly) to the envelope sender will just be thrown away. 
> Any human-generated replies will go to the right user.
> Thanks for the info about the option you need to pass to O365. I guess 
> that's going to need yet another preferences.php setting.
> Cheers,
> Jules.
> On 31/10/2018 14:49, Travis Zimmerman via ZendTo wrote:
>> I configured the IMAP authentication to allow my university's students
>> to login to our ZendTo server, but when they drop off files the From
>> field is showing the e-mail address configured in zendto.conf instead of
>> the student's address. The student's address ends up in the Reply-To
>> field, which normally wouldn't be a problem except sometimes automated
>> systems reply back to the drop off e-mails and they ignore the Reply-To.
>> I have SMTPsetFromToSender => TRUE, users that login via LDAP or AD
>> appear to work as expected.
>> BTW I am using the IMAP authentication with Office365 and in order to
>> get it to login correctly I had to change the imap_open line.
>> $mbox = @imap_open('{'.$this->_imapServer.'}INBOX', $uname, $password,
>> So don't know if you want to add this to the documentation somewhere or
>> incorporate into the NSSIMAPAuthenticator code.
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