[ZendTo] Calling all translators (for 5.16) — just 1 phrase

Jules Field Jules at Zend.To
Fri Oct 26 15:29:19 BST 2018

To my wonderful translators out there:

Please can you translate this phrase for me. It is shown as a warning 
near the top of the dialog box where the sender enters the passphrase if 
they have asked for the drop-off to be encrypted.

There is a break in the middle as this text sets the width of that 
dialog box. If you don't split it up, it gets way too long and so the 
dialog box becomes far too wide and looks wrong.

The phrase is:

"This passphrase will not be sent to the recipients.<br/>You need to do 
this yourself."

Here is a screenshot of where it appears:

Many thanks all!



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