[ZendTo] New Installation - Admin Login - SMTP Configuration issues on AWS

Kris Lou klou at themusiclink.net
Wed Oct 10 18:19:18 BST 2018

> 1. I see in preferences file admin Users admin1, admin2 and so on. How to
> access the system as an admin ? is there a default Password ? If not, How
> can I create one ?

This depends upon your authentication backend (https://zend.to/authenticatio
n.php).  There's a(n) /opt/zendto/bin/README.txt  which should document the
commands/scripts needed to create local users (admin1, admin2, etc.), but
"adduser.php" is probably the one you're looking for.  Execute that from
CLI to add your first user and specify it as an Admin User in

> 2. I am trying to setup the email using basic SMTP, it is throwing an
> error. I created a one page php script to send mail with same settings and
> that works. Can some one please share a Snippet or screen shot of how can I
> setup SMTP

I push emails to an external SMTP server, with only 'defaultEmailDomain',
'SMTPserver', 'SMTPport', 'SMTPsecure', and 'SMTPcharset' specified.  No
local configuration required.

For the previous 3-4 months, ALL of those settings except
'defaultEmailDomain' and 'SMTPcharset' were commented out, so it used the
default PHPMail but still worked.  I would think that you still need
Postfix or Sendmail on your local Zendto server, but still no local
configuration required.

Side note:  By default, PHPMail sends out as "apache@<servername>.<yourdoma
in.com>", so this may result in NEUTRAL grades if you have SPF set for <
yourdomain.com>.  I believe the outbound email address is set via PHP
settings.  However, using an external SMTP server bypasses this with a
return address of "zendto@<yourdomain.com>" or whatever you may have

Also, enabling 'SMTPdebug' might help you figure things out.
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