[ZendTo] New Installation - Admin Login - SMTP Configuration issues on AWS

Pawan Thakur gm.pawanthakur at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 16:47:21 BST 2018

Hello Kris,

Thanks a lot for your swift reply. It helped me.

While emails are still an issue, I created users and I can access the 
system and that's progress.

2 Issues with uploads

1. While uploading to the server, It gets stuck here.


I later checked my outbox, there was an entry and I could see the 
generated file link as well.

2. I could see the file and the link here. But clicking on the file / 
download all button goes into a loop and nothing happens. It's hardly a 
4 KB file.


I started looking into this issue. Logs show messages about failed 
emails ( which I know is to be fixed ) but though it says Download is 
completed but nothing happened.

The memory issue**was there from CLAMAV and I configured SWAP and did an 
external setup for it. I am not using SELinux*. *

*I am just going to debug the Emails but any help related to these files 
not working would be appreciated*


On 10/10/2018 10:49 PM, Kris Lou via ZendTo wrote:
>     1. I see in preferences file admin Users admin1, admin2 and so on.
>     How to access the system as an admin ? is there a default Password
>     ? If not, How can I create one ?
> This depends upon your authentication backend 
> (https://zend.to/authentication.php 
> <https://zend.to/authentication.php>). There's a(n) 
> /opt/zendto/bin/README.txt  which should document the commands/scripts 
> needed to create local users (admin1, admin2, etc.), but "adduser.php" 
> is probably the one you're looking for.  Execute that from CLI to add 
> your first user and specify it as an Admin User in preferences.php.
>     2. I am trying to setup the email using basic SMTP, it is throwing
>     an error. I created a one page php script to send mail with same
>     settings and that works. Can some one please share a Snippet or
>     screen shot of how can I setup SMTP
> I push emails to an external SMTP server, with only 
> 'defaultEmailDomain', 'SMTPserver', 'SMTPport', 'SMTPsecure', and 
> 'SMTPcharset' specified.  No local configuration required.
> For the previous 3-4 months, ALL of those settings except 
> 'defaultEmailDomain' and 'SMTPcharset' were commented out, so it used 
> the default PHPMail but still worked.  I would think that you still 
> need Postfix or Sendmail on your local Zendto server, but still no 
> local configuration required.
> Side note:  By default, PHPMail sends out as 
> "apache@<servername>.<yourdomain.com <http://yourdomain.com>>", so 
> this may result in NEUTRAL grades if you have SPF set for 
> <yourdomain.com <http://yourdomain.com>>.  I believe the outbound 
> email address is set via PHP settings.  However, using an external 
> SMTP server bypasses this with a return address of 
> "zendto@<yourdomain.com <http://yourdomain.com>>" or whatever you may 
> have configured.
> Also, enabling 'SMTPdebug' might help you figure things out.
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