[ZendTo] New Installation - Admin Login - SMTP Configuration issues on AWS

Pawan Thakur gm.pawanthakur at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 15:58:11 BST 2018

Hello All,

I stumbled upon ZendTo and it fits all my needs as a file sharing Platform>

I have setup this on Ubuntu 16 AWS machine. I have read the 
documentation carefully but either I am missing something or made a 
mistake but I am facing the following issues.

1. I see in preferences file admin Users admin1, admin2 and so on. How 
to access the system as an admin ? is there a default Password ? If not, 
How can I create one ?
2. I am trying to setup the email using basic SMTP, it is throwing an 
error. I created a one page php script to send mail with same settings 
and that works. Can some one please share a Snippet or screen shot of 
how can I setup SMTP

I am sorry if there are silly questions, I tried spending time and 
researching and testing configs but the mail is not configured and hence 
I cannot even create user and test the system. I am running against a 
tight deadline and hence asking for help.

Thanks in advance,
Really appreciate any help.


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