[ZendTo] Reuse zendto.rrd with upgrade/replacement?

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Wed Mar 7 19:00:44 GMT 2018

I suspect the retirement of reCaptcha V1 is going to force my hand, and 
I'll need to move to ZendTo V5.

Because I'm currently running on Solaris, and trying to deploy V5 on 
Solaris is an uphill slog (into a driving rain, in the mud, with bare 
feet, pushing a boulder), I'll be shipping V5 out as a fresh install on 
CentOS. We reach our application through a proxy, so between that and 
hostname trickery I think I can do a live move of customers to the V5 host.

Is the zendto.rrd the same between V4 and V5 ? After building V5, can I 
just grab my old .rrd, throw it on the new server, thereby "backfilling" 
usage numbers for the V5 server?
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