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Jules Jules at Zend.To
Mon Nov 14 11:02:04 GMT 2016

On 14/11/2016 09:54, Mike Brudenell wrote:
> Hi, Jules -
> On 14 November 2016 at 09:18, Jules <Jules at zend.to 
> <mailto:Jules at zend.to>> wrote:
>     I've just fixed the lack of IPv6 in the SPF record. I'm very wary
>     of updating our mailman install, as there are a lot of lists on
>     it, and lots of people would be very upset if a "yum upgrade
>     mailman" did something horrible. I'm not even supposed to be
>     looking after our mail system any more, I just do the minimum
>     necessary fixes to keep it working.
>     Let's see if the IPv6 SPF record is enough to keep us going for
>     now. :-/
> Yay! Your message came through and passed Google's SPF check. Many thanks!
Yay! :-)
> As for Mailman, I understand where you're coming from. Looking at the 
> headers of your message you're running GNU Mailman 2.1.9 there, which 
> is getting a little long in the tooth: it was released in 2006. :-)
>   * It's not until version 2.1.16 that Mailman started including
>     support for DMARC, using the /from_is_list/ feature;
>   * In 2.1.19 they deprecated the above, replacing it with
>     /dmarc_moderation_action/, as described in Mailman and DMARC
>     <https://wiki.list.org/DEV/DMARC>
>   * The current version is now 2.1.23
> Just be aware that you might end up losing some of the community here 
> when their sites switch to tight DMARC policies: either the members 
> not being able to post, or even being unsubscribed. (And of course 
> this will apply to other lists the service hosts.)
The sad bit is that if/when my old Mailman service gets rolled into the 
University's main mailing lists service, they run Majordomo (no, I'm not 
kidding, nor about them running Majorcool either!).

So if/when that happens, I'll have to move the ZendTo list elsewhere. 
I've got the other half of a physical server (It runs 2 VMs for me) in 
Ireland that can do it. I haven't used that half since the MailScanner 
list got moved off it, so there'll be some rust removal to do first.

Thanks for the warning.


> Cheers,
> Mike B-)
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