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Jules Jules at Zend.To
Mon Nov 14 09:38:13 GMT 2016


Many thanks for that! I've taken a look through the code, and there 
shouldn't be any nasty consequences of the Timestamp.php change.
And yes, 32 is far too short for a mime type these days, thanks for 
spotting that one.


On 12/11/2016 17:42, Rajib Sarkar wrote:
> Jules,  Fixed the issue today.  You might want to fix it at your end 
> for other users
> 1 Please increase the field length of mimetype column in table "File" 
> to 256 it is currently at 32
> 2.  change the time code in timestamp.php
>  return strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S',$timeSinceEpoch);
> This might be a typical problem in MySQL.  but was able to dropoff and 
> pick up  :)
> Thanks


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