[ZendTo] Re: Address Book functionality

Kevin Miller kevin.miller at juneau.org
Wed Jan 7 19:05:32 GMT 2015

I dropped the new_dropoff.tpl into the templates directory as you instructed then restarted httpd, but I don't see any difference.  There's no address book button/icon anywhere that I saw and when I go to "New Dropoff" the addressing seems the same as ever.  What am I missing?

Any chance this will be integrated with AD or LDAP?  That would be really sweet!

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> Hi,
> We've been using zend.to for the last couple of years with good use.
> I frequently send files to the same set of people, and once I dug around
> I saw that there is an addressbook in the database but the addressbook
> functionality has not been enabled, apparently.
> I therefore decided to hack my own version, using jquery-ui
> autocomplete, into new_dropoff.tpl, and it works quite well.
> If anyone is interested, I've attached the patched file, which goes into
> /opt/zendto/templates/. It should work against the latest version.
> I also hope this means we'll have this functionality in the next
> official version, whether it's based on this code or not.
> Regards,
> Eythor

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