[ZendTo] Security Audit Findings

Ryan Stepalavich Ryan_Stepalavich at banksi.com
Tue Jun 24 19:43:32 BST 2014

Hi folks,

We just got hit with two audit findings for ZendTo, and I was wondering if there was any fix/workaround for these.

#1: ZendTo allows any file of any extension to be dropped off. Is there a way to whitelist a few extensions and reject all others?

#2: ZendTo's error reporting allows attackers to enumerate your organization's userlist. By brute-forcing the "To:" field in a drop-off, the attacker can get the full list of valid users in LDAP.

I can give further details as needed.

Best regards,

Ryan Stepalavich, CSSA
Sr. Network Administrator
Savings Institute Bank & Trust, Co.
Office: (860) 465-8602
Fax: (860) 456-5218

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