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Jules Jules at Zend.To
Thu Jun 26 11:09:40 BST 2014

On 24/06/2014 19:43, Ryan Stepalavich wrote:
> Hi folks,
> We just got hit with two audit findings for ZendTo, and I was 
> wondering if there was any fix/workaround for these.
> #1: ZendTo allows any file of any extension to be dropped off. Is 
> there a way to whitelist a few extensions and reject all others?
I learnt right back near the start of developing MailScanner that basing 
security on filename extensions is a complete red herring and a total 
waste of time. If you do any check at all, it *has* to be based on file 
*content*, not file *name*. I intentionally did not build this sort of a 
system into ZendTo as I wanted it to be a solution for all those sites 
using MailScanner (or any other mail security gateway product) where you 
have a need to get files in and out that your mail system will not 
allow. If you restrict filename extension, everyone (including the bad 
guys) just changes the extension or adds a "safe" one with a simple note 
to the user to rename the file once they've got it. It provides no 
security whatsoever, it is a "tick box" and nothing more.
> #2: ZendTo's error reporting allows attackers to enumerate your 
> organization's userlist. By brute-forcing the "To:" field in a 
> drop-off, the attacker can get the full list of valid users in LDAP.
Can you explain in more detail please? ZendTo does not verify the 
contents of the "To:" field (other than the domain name in external 
dropoffs). It's far easier and faster to enumerate all valid users by 
brute-forcing SMTP "RCPT" commands. They usually give you an instant 
valid/invalid response for each attempt, and don't require you to 
attempt to send any message to anyone. Again, no added security 
whatsoever, it's another tick box.


> I can give further details as needed.
> Best regards,
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