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David George david.george at ohioturnpike.org
Wed Apr 16 16:45:27 BST 2014

Can you try uploading a smaller file?


If I am thinking correctly, it might give you the same error (pretty definitive huh).


I had the same error occur after upgrading Clam.  It turns out it was a permission error with the clam configuration.  I needed to change the owner and group the new installation for the new installation of ClamAV.  I believe it was from clam to clamav (or visa versa).


You should be able to check the clam daemon logs to verify that ( /var/log/clamav/ ).


I hope this helps


Dave George


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I wonder if anyone can help me with an issue I am having with Zendto.

I am using the Virtual Appliance as provided in this link - http://zend.to/downloads.php - I updated Zendto to it latest as the appliance was one update behind. So, current version is now 4.11-14. I updated php to allow for 20gb uploads which was working.

My issue: I recently updated my Zendto Installation with some but not all of the packages (stayed away from Apache and PHP5, I'm afraid these might overwrite files and screw me over even further) that I found it was currently needing. ClamAV was one of these.

Now when I try and upload a file of say 1.7gb it is giving the following error:

"Upload Error The attempt to virus-scan your drop-off failed. Please contact your administrator for assistance."

I believe, but I am not certain that it is an issue with ClamAV permissions, possibly permissions on the ClamAV file themselves. I have looked at this HYPERLINK "http://zend.to/clamavpermissions.php"link but cannot figure out what needs to be changed. I can change permission with the chown command but what do I need to change to fix this.







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