[ZendTo] Some feedback. Direct link to share. localIPSubnets. Pickup details.

Artyom Aleksandrov mailing.list at tem4uk.ru
Thu Oct 11 08:38:29 BST 2012

It's my first post a this mailing list, so I would like to say Thank
you Julian and other people.

Some days ago I launched Zendto in my company.
Yesterday I got some feedback from users, I think may be this things
are good and useful.

1) On the page pickup.php (Drop-Off Summary) near strings
"ClaimID/Claim Passcode" add direct link to page.

Claim ID: 7syaa3Zbgp7g8tvd Claim Passcode: u1KoPXiBGNWxYjnS

Link to this page:

It's more easy for share/pickup and save time both sender and receiver.

2) I think it is not a good practice for security to show non
AuthorizedUser all the recipients and their pick-up details.
It's also page pickup.php (templates/show_dropoff.tpl).

3) As I understand 'localIPSubnets' not work propriety. Yes, It change
main page, but nothing else, anybody can login from external network.
I changed this, but I hope in next releases it'll work correctly.

Best regards, Artyom

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