[ZendTo] GUI for ddding users / Resetting passwords?

Charles Gillogly cgillogly at whizmediagroup.com
Fri Jun 1 21:50:50 BST 2012

Are their any plans to add a web-GUI for adding new (local) users and
allowing users to reset their own passwords?

I have a small number of employees at my company that actually need
accounts so I'm using local accounts but it would be nice for them to be
able to reset their passwords after I give them a generic one to start

Adding users manually via the terminal isn't difficult but a GUI would
be easier and also not keep the command in the bash history with the
password in clear text (just in case). I know I can remove it but it's
just an extra step that could be eliminated? Or having the command
prompt for the data rather than arguments would work?

If part or none of this is in the works then I can try to write some of
this myself. If so, how would I submit patches back to the dev(s)?


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