[ZendTo] Re: GUI for ddding users / Resetting passwords?

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Wed Jun 6 09:22:31 BST 2012

On 01/06/2012 21:50, Charles Gillogly wrote:
> Are their any plans to add a web-GUI for adding new (local) users and 
> allowing users to reset their own passwords?
I guess I should think about writing one at some point. It should be 
fairly easy to add your own if you want to.
> I have a small number of employees at my company that actually need 
> accounts so I'm using local accounts but it would be nice for them to 
> be able to reset their passwords after I give them a generic one to 
> start with.
If you've got AD in your organisation then you can just create a little 
tree branch that just contains the users you want to be able to login, 
and then just do it all with AD. Far less admin overhead that way.
> Adding users manually via the terminal isn't difficult but a GUI would 
> be easier and also not keep the command in the bash history with the 
> password in clear text (just in case).
"history -c" will wipe your command-line history.
> I know I can remove it but it's just an extra step that could be 
> eliminated? Or having the command prompt for the data rather than 
> arguments would work?
> If part or none of this is in the works then I can try to write some 
> of this myself. If so, how would I submit patches back to the dev(s)?
Post them to me (Jules at Zend.To).


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