[ZendTo] Re: IMAP authentication issue

Chris Barber chris at techquility.net
Fri May 6 16:57:58 BST 2011

Thanks Brian. I can't seem to get this to work with any IMAP system. I've now tried Zimbra, Exchange 2008, GoDaddy.com, and an old version of Zimbra. Am I doing something wrong?

These are the settings I have in /opt/zendto/config/preferences.php:
  'authenticator' => 'IMAP',
  'authIMAPServer' => 'mail.mydomain.com',
  'authIMAPDomain' => 'mydomain.com',


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> There are only a few options in the preferences.php file for IMAP so 
> I'm kind of stuck now.

Just for info, imap authentication works for us using an ancient version of uw-imap but does not work against our groupwise imap server.


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