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ROGERS Richard Richard.Rogers at staffs.ac.uk
Wed Jul 27 16:23:44 BST 2011

Hi Jules -

I just did a "yum update zendto" on my Centos x64 VM and since then the front page shows:

Fatal error: include() [<a href='function.include'>function.include</a>]: Cannot redeclare class smarty_internal_config in /opt/zendto/lib/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 799

Have I missed something? (some mandatory setting in one of the ".rpmnew" config files for example) 

I'm hoping the new displays of max upload etc will get us closer to understanding why the limits have apparently not been what we expected...

Thanks and regards


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I have just released a new version of ZendTo 4.03.

You can download it as usual from

The changes in this release are:
- Forced usernames to all lower case when creating users, so case can be
   safely ignored when users use ZendTo.
- Fixed security issue with ClaimID and Passcode being given away to users.
- Fixed bug causing "0" email address when there is no "mail" attribute in
   the user's AD object.
- Improved references to encryption tools in New Dropoff form.
- Improved fixDropoffTable.php in upgrading guide to support both databases.
- Updated URL for recaptcha admin site, where you get the keys.
- Added checking for maxBytesForFile and maxBytesForDropoff in "new dropoff"
   form. Only works on some browsers (eg. Chrome) as most can't do it yet.
- Started implementation of "Resend Dropoff" button.
- Fixed db handle bugs in fixDropoffTable.php.
- Fixed bug in dropoff.php causing errors in some browsers. Thanks NA Jared!
- Fixed "division by zero" errors in user database management scripts.
- Added support for quotas to MyZendTo. Read sql/README.MySQL for upgrade guide
- Now displays file and drop-off sizes where possible.
- Can now sort drop-offs by contents and date in MyZendTo.
- Made AD authenticator accept email addresses as well as usernames, for users
   who do not understand the difference. Simply ignores @.... in the username.
- Added RedHat 6 instructions for rebuilding PHP libraries to handle  >2GB files.
- Removed unnecessary log debug output (specifically "Comparing" line).

Any problems, give me a shout as usual!


Julian Field MEng CITP CEng

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