[ZendTo] Rocky 9 SHA1 Depreciation

Matthew Fey matthewf at prolific.ca
Mon Feb 5 16:29:00 GMT 2024

Interesting, when I try and import the key manually, I still get the following error:
[root at zendto-demo install.ZendTo]# rpm --import https://zend.to/files/zendto.gpg.asc
warning: Signature not supported. Hash algorithm SHA1 not available.
error: https://zend.to/files/zendto.gpg.asc: key 1 import failed.

I guess for now I will just stick with --nogpgcheck, but I'd be nice to see it resigned in 256 in the future.

Matthew Fey

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On Mon, 5 Feb 2024, Matthew Fey via ZendTo wrote:

> When trying to run the installer on Rocky 9, installing the ZendTo 
> package fails because the rpm is signed with SHA1, which is no longer 
> supported by default in RHEL9 and equivalent.
> Because of that, all further steps fail as the package and 
> configuration files are never installed. I suspect this is the issue 
> that Scott was having back in November when trying to do the same.
> I could force the install to go through with the –nogpgcheck option, 
> but I’d really rather avoid it.
> Any chance of having the package updated soon with a SHA256 or SHA512 
> signature to take care of this going forward?

The package installs for me on RHEL9 though I do have the zendto.gpg.asc signing key installed (see the downloads page). I don't however use the installer so it may be that which is exiting before finishing.

 	Michael Young

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