[ZendTo] Drop-offs fail from external users with a request code

Philip Blakely pmb39 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 21 13:20:26 GMT 2023

Hi Jules,

OK, that makes sense, thank you. I'll read the documentation more 
carefully next time!

This was the first time I'd asked an external user for a file via a 
request code in several years of running ZendTo, so it's not a real problem.

Thanks for your help,


On 21/02/2023 10:16, Jules wrote:
> Hi Philip,
> Switching off allowExternalUploads does a complete job of "what it says 
> on the tin". It stops all users who cannot actually login from being 
> able to upload files. That way only internal users can send files, which 
> is what some people want.
> Hope that helps,
> Jules.
> On 20/02/2023 08:47, Philip Blakely via ZendTo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm running ZendTo version 6.13-3 for a small research group. As a 
>> logged-in user, I can successfully create a request for an external 
>> user to send me a file.
>> However, the person dropping off the file via the request link then 
>> gets the error message (after uploading the file):
>> "You must be logged in as a XXXX user in order to drop-off a file for 
>> a non-XXXX user."
>> In case it's relevant, I have set:
>> 'allowExternalUploads' => FALSE
>> 'allowExternalPickups' => FALSE,
>> (although I don't think these are relevant to this problem, from the 
>> documentation).
>> I *think* the error is in NSSDropbox.php, line 2769:
>> if ( !$this->_dropbox->authorizedUser() && ! $checkRD)
>> does not allow unauthorized (e.g. external) users to drop-off for 
>> anyone, even if they've got a request code.
>> I think this should be (possibly):
>> if ( !($this->_dropbox->authorizedUser() || $req != '') && ! $checkRD )
>> (at least this made it work for me).
>> On the other hand, I can send a fuller preferences.php or more logs in 
>> case there's some odd combination of settings or circumstances that 
>> has caused this to happen, or any documentation I've not read 
>> properly, so any suggestions or alternative fixes would be welcome.
>> Thanks,
>> Philip
> Jules
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