[ZendTo] Incoming folder filling up

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Wed Jun 30 11:24:23 BST 2021

Hi Liam,

In /etc/cron.d/zendto you should see, among other lines, a "find" 
command which does this:
5 */4 * * * root find -H /var/zendto/incoming -type f -mmin +1440 
-delete >/dev/null 2>&1

Every 4 hours, at 5 minutes past the hour, that should delete all files 
in the "/var/zendto/incoming" directory that are more than 24 hours 
(1440 minutes) old.

Check your /etc/cron.d/zendto has that line, which 6.03-5 certainly 
should have.
Have you moved the /var/zendto/incoming directory to somewhere else? If 
so, fix the path in this line or ensure there is a link from 
/var/zendto/incoming to wherever your "incoming" directory is now.


On 23/06/2021 11:52, Gretton, Liam via ZendTo wrote:
> Hi,
> I've only just noticed that over the last few months the Filedrop 
> incoming folder has accumulated hundreds of files. The files in 
> question don't appear to match what's in the dropoff area (obviously 
> those older than a couple of weeks are no longer dropoffs anyway). 
> Therefore I guess these left-over files are a result of interrupted or 
> abandoned uploads.
> Does Filedrop have a mechanism for clearing up the incoming folder? 
> I'm not sure of the mechanism for recognising a completed upload and 
> turning it into a dropoff, and how this could go wrong. The start of 
> the problem roughly coincides with the point that AV (not ClamAV) was 
> installed on the server: could the AV be locking the file and 
> preventing Filedrop from deleting it?
> If there's not an existing mechanism to clean this folder up I'll 
> create a simple cron job to delete old files there. Would I be right 
> in thinking that there should only ever be in-flight uploads present 
> there?
> I'm still on 6.03-5, planning to upgrade over the summer.
> Thanks,
> Liam
> (I first sent this to the list on June 18 but it didn't appear)
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