[ZendTo] upgrade missing sqlite3 schema

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Mon Sep 28 17:12:08 BST 2020

To manually run the DB schema update, run
as root. The output of that should tell you what it's doing.


On 28/09/2020 14:21, Lieven De Puysseleir via ZendTo wrote:
> Dear,
> On one system running zendto 5.17-6 I fail to have the sqlite3 schema 
> updating while upgrading to 6.05-4.
> to update I use the zendto repository on sles 15 sp2 and then run the 
> script that handles config file changes.
> after the update, it's impossible to make dropoffs "unable to add a 
> dropoff record to the database". I notice that there are 2 fields 
> missing from the dropoff table: "lifeseconds and subject"
> So I deleted the file zendto.sqlite, restarted apache2 and zendto 
> created a new one with the correct schema.
> Next, I did a dump of the old db to file, found the INSERT lines for 
> the dropoff table and added a value for the lifeseconds which (I 
> think) corresponds to the max 14days we put as preference when it's 
> not overridden in the new version dropoff form. Also added a value 
> empty string '' for the subject field.
> Lastly I did a cat of the (edited) dump file, piped it to sqlite3 into 
> the newly created empty db file.
> This seemed to work fine, I could see the dropoffs in the interface 
> but couldn't see the files when I opened a dropoff.
> I verified that for each dropoff line in the database, the claimid 
> corresponded to the name of the folder in /var/zendto where the 
> dropoff directory/files resided and it matched.
> The logs don't say anything about this.
> Apache logs indicate that pickup.php is used but again, the php code 
> with the nssdrop class stuff is something I can't seem to understand 
> how it works. (or if it even matters in this case)
> This worked fine on another system upgrading 5.17-6 to 6.05-4. The 
> update was done with zypper, the upgrade script run and that was it, 
> everything looked fine in the dropoffs.
> Any ideas what part of the install script I should run to simulate the 
> schema upgrade? I've been looking into cleanup.php but I'm not much of 
> a programmer and can't figure how it actually works by calling some 
> class or something. (I'm probably wrong here)
> Thanks for your help.
> -- 
> Lieven
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