[ZendTo] 'Your Organization' field too long for database

Gretton, Liam liam.gretton at leicester.ac.uk
Thu Sep 17 08:26:26 BST 2020


When someone requests to drop-off a file, one of the fields to complete is 'Your organization'. If the user enters more than 32 characters here (which is not disallowed), then the form fails. The zendto log reports:

Error: Failed to add 2a753247dd272bb39c4547da5b44550f to authtable for user at example.com. Error was Data too long for column 'Organization' at row 1

The column in the DB is only 32 characters, but the code is not truncating the data from the form before trying to push it in.

I'm currently running 6.03-5, though a check of the release notes of the newer versions doesn't mention a fix for this yet.

This has hit us with some collaborators whose organisations really do have long names such as ' Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute' so my preference would be for the db field to be longer, and to have the code truncate anything that doesn't fit. If I can find time today I'll have a look through the code and try to submit a patch.



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