[ZendTo] Troubleshooting Reverse Proxy uploads (cannot drop-off directories)

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Tue Sep 15 17:12:43 BST 2020

On 15/09/2020 16:44, Kris Lou wrote:
>     This sounds like you have 2 FQDNs for the same website.
>     One way of solving that one is split-horizon DNS. So your internal
>     users see the serverRoot resolve to the directly-connected
>     internal IP address, and external users get the IP of the reverse
>     proxy. And also ask yourself if there is any good reason you
>     aren't just sending internal users through the reverse proxy as well.
> That's right -- I do.  I moved Zendto from my DMZ into my internal 
> network (as it connects to AD) and set up a reverse proxy.  Ideally, 
> I'm going to send everybody to the new proxied FQDN, but was just 
> wondering why it would still fail to upload when accessed directly, 
> under the old FQDN.
The short answer is that I don't know why it would fail in that 
situation. But I've never tried it, and never envisioned the service 
having 2 FQDNs simultaneously, so it doesn't suprise me at all if that 
doesn't work. ;-)

>     Also, in your reverse proxy, I would make the client_max_body_size
>     a bit bigger than the limit you've set as the uploadChunkSize in
>     ZendTo. Else you're might get weird things happening due to the
>     proxy rejecting upload blocks that you thought it would allow
>     through to ZendTo
> This is good to know.  Thanks.
Always good to allow a little leeway to account for the unexpected (HTTP 
headers perhaps?).



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