[ZendTo] New beta release 5.22-2

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Fri Jan 31 11:48:35 GMT 2020

Morning all!

I have just released a new beta, version 5.22-2.

There are 2 new translations (Polish and Russian), and some new 
preferences.php settings:

'behindLoadBalancer' — Set this to TRUE if your ZendTo server is behind 
a load balancer or reverse proxy, and the ZendTo logs show all traffic 
as coming from the load balancer and not the user's real IP address. 
FALSE by default, as without a load balancer the relevant HTTP headers 
can be faked.

'requestSenderOrgIsEditable' — Set this to FALSE if you don't want your 
users to be able to change their "Organisation" when sending a request 
for a drop-off. TRUE by default as that was the previous behaviour.

'indexAddressbookByEmail' — Set this to TRUE if you are using hardware 
tokens to log in, and have them configured to generate a random username 
at each login. You can also set this to TRUE on new installations 
without causing any harm. But if the "address book" functionality of 
your ZendTo server is working fine, then do *not* change this setting, 
as it will break existing address book entries for all your users. FALSE 
by default so as not to break existing sites.

'allowExternalPickups' — If this is set to FALSE, then the "Pick-up 
Files" button will not appear on the main menu unless the user has 
logged in. It works in the same way as the existing 
'allowExternalUploads' setting. TRUE by default as that was the previous 

Otherwise there are various security and bug fixes, and I have changed 
how I call Google's ReCaptcha service to improve the reliability, and 
hopefully so that it will also work in China.

Please see the Beta page at
for more info and installation.

Please try it out and let me know about any bugs you find!



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