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Ah – perfect, thanks.  Never noticed that before.

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Hi there

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I.e. I was thinking that [Zendto] would be a variable set in preferneces.php which could be customized.  Something like:
‘Zendto_prefix’      => ‘[Zendto]’,
which folks could simply change to what they wanted or leave it as the default.  I didn’t really explain it very clearly.

We’re probably the outlier, but the powers that be upstream of me decided we’d call our system “fileshare” rather than Zendto.  So in my case I’d change the prefix itself if such was available.  I can see the use case for what Travis, et. al. are proposing as well…

The subject prefix is a variable defined in zendto.conf. You can set it:
EmailSubjectTag = "[fileshare] "


Greg Clarke
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