[ZendTo] [Feature Request custom string in subject per DropOff]

Greg Clarke greg.clarke at waikato.ac.nz
Wed May 1 03:03:37 BST 2019

Hi there

On Wed, 1 May 2019 at 11:24, Kevin Miller via ZendTo <zendto at zend.to> wrote:

> I.e. I was thinking that [Zendto] would be a variable set in
> preferneces.php which could be customized.  Something like:
> ‘Zendto_prefix’      => ‘[Zendto]’,
> which folks could simply change to what they wanted or leave it as the
> default.  I didn’t really explain it very clearly.
> We’re probably the outlier, but the powers that be upstream of me decided
> we’d call our system “fileshare” rather than Zendto.  So in my case I’d
> change the prefix itself if such was available.  I can see the use case for
> what Travis, et. al. are proposing as well…

The subject prefix is a variable defined in zendto.conf. You can set it:

EmailSubjectTag = "[fileshare] "


Greg Clarke
SysAdmin, Systems, ITS
The University of Waikato
New Zealand
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