[ZendTo] Feature requests - Global Drop-off List

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Thu Mar 28 17:33:11 GMT 2019

The part of ZendTo with which I interact most often is the 'Global 
Drop-off List". It would be wonderful to have some more information 
there. I'm thinking specifically of
   Indicators for "encrypted" and "picked-up"

It would also be helpful if there were a way to 'open in new tab' from 
that screen. If I sort by size and want to examine the 8 largest 
dropoffs, I have to open the list, sort the list, identify the claimID I 
want, open it, examine it, ... then I must repeat all the steps from the 
beginning. If I could ctrl-click on a claimID and open it in a new tab, 
I would save a whole bunch of clicks.

Alternatively, a select-box so a bulk action could be taken on multiple 
items. Then I could open the list, sort it, select several, and open 
then all in new tabs.

    Do things because you should, not just because you can.

John Thurston    907-465-8591
John.Thurston at alaska.gov
Department of Administration
State of Alaska

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