[ZendTo] Possible CSS problem with logo in 5.17

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Wed Mar 27 23:16:20 GMT 2019

I'm working on an update from 5.10 to 5.17, and I'm not a CSS pro, so 
I'm looking for for help or confirmation of problem.

After the update, the logo text in the upper right corer "ZendTo" gets a 
vertical scroll bar and thumb. There is a very tiny amount of movement 
in it. When I use Firefox element inspector, and un-tick the 'logoxclip 
overflow-x:hidden' from swish2.css, the scroll bar goes away.

I know little of css, so I went to w3schools to see what I can learn.

I can make it display correctly by replacing 'overflow-x' with 
'overflow', or by also defining a similar value for 'overflow-y'. Does 
anyone else see this problem? Have I messed up something else which is 
making my logo text render a tiny bit larger than everyone elses?
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John.Thurston at alaska.gov
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State of Alaska

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