[ZendTo] Ideas wanted: "Forget me" button

Bertrand, Guy Guy.Bertrand at banctec.ca
Wed Mar 13 16:38:40 GMT 2019

Hi Jules,

Are you looking to delete all "remembered users" with one button??  Or just to delete one user?  If it deletes all names, it would be an inconvenience to have to re-type all names when needed.

Since you do not want to write an entire address book editor in the s/w, how about just adding an X beside a remembered name?

When a user starts typing a name into the recipients box, the matching entries are returned in the order of most-recently-used at the top.  As they are displayed, add an field to the right of each name with an X.  To delete just that entry, press the X at the right of the name.  That way, you maintain your existing list, and have deleted just that name, without a full address book editor.

However, I think I need to discuss a caveat.  I'm no expert of the GDPR, but if a user/person requests that their name "be forgotten", doesn't also imply that it is from the whole system, not just one user's cache of names??  Example, if we are 2 users who have sent files to the same external user, and I delete the name from my list, it will still remain in the second user's list.

I need another coffee.

Cheers and keep up the good work!!



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