[ZendTo] Ideas wanted: "Forget me" button

Tobias Tafart tobias.tafart at nextlayer.at
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Different Idea: Why not make a separate little "address management" menu,
and additionally to the usual "add contact", "remove contact" and so on -
have a "delete all" button there. 
I've been asked by our users before if there is an option to manage
recipients from the suggestions, so there is a bit of a need for such
functionality. Wasn't hugely important to us though.

Just an idea.


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I want to add a button somewhere in ZendTo that will clear a user's address
list, the list of addresses you have sent drop-offs to before. 
The list is used in the "New Drop-off" form to provide the auto-complete
list when adding a recipient.

It's also a GDPR requirement, as it happens.

So I want some sort of "Delete recipients list" or "Delete address list" 

Which gives me 2 questions I don't know the answer to:

1. Where should the button go in the user interface?
2. What should it say? (I'm assuming some sort of explanatory text by it.
It's the actual text in the button I'm most interested in)

The obvious answer to (1) is "at the end of the main menu". But is that
really the best place?
The answer to (2) needs to be very short.

BTW this only affects internal users, i.e. those who can log in.

All ideas most welcome please!




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