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I have just released 5.20-3 beta. This beta version is *very* close to 
being a production release.

I have improved the announcement feature, so that you can very easily 
change the title of the announcement as well as the text.
If the file pointed to by the 'systemAnnouncementFilePath' has 2 or more 
lines, then the 1st line is used as the title, with all the rest used as 
the content.
If there is only one line, it will drop back to its default "Please 
note" title.

Note that both the title and the content text can include HTML tags, and 
there are CSS styles ".systemAnnouncementTitle" and 
".systemAnnouncementText" which are used solely for this feature. Feel 
free to over-ride my definitions by adding your own definitions to 


On 07/07/2019 5:15 pm, Jules via ZendTo wrote:
> P.S. I've just put out 5.20-1 beta with this in it (as well as a nice 
> new "Download All Files as a Zip" button on the downloads page to help 
> out our users!). I just haven't announced it at all as I haven't done 
> enough testing yet.
> But feel free to download it if you're interested.
> Cheers,
> Jules.
> On 07/07/2019 5:02 pm, Jules wrote:
>> Nigel,
>> Good idea. Done.
>> The filename is set by a new preferences.php setting 
>> 'systemAnnouncementFilePath'.
>> This is set to '' by default, so it will never display anything.
>> If you make it point to a file that doesn't exist, or it can't read, 
>> or is empty, it won't display anything.
>> Otherwise the contents of that file (which may contain HTML tags) 
>> will be shown as a "Notice" at the top of the login, logout and 
>> main-menu pages as you suggested.
>> It will be in the next beta.
>> Cheers,
>> Jules.
>> On 04/07/2019 12:10 pm, Nigel Kendrick via ZendTo wrote:
>>> Hi Jules, everyone,
>>> Apologies if I am missing the obvious and this already exists:
>>> Would it be possible to have a static (.txt?) MOTD file for quickly 
>>> dropping in “maintenance window” or other temporary messages into 
>>> the top of the home/login page as needed.
>>> On the few times I have had to put something up, I have hacked a 
>>> line or two into the page layout, which is effective but not ideal.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Nigel Kendrick
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