[ZendTo] Zend.to error during drop-off

Keith Erekson kbe2 at lehigh.edu
Thu Oct 25 17:13:42 BST 2018

Easier to use "chsh www-data" or whatever your Apache user is.


> On Oct 25, 2018, at 11:41 AM, Jules Field via ZendTo <zendto at zend.to> wrote:
> Edit your /etc/passwd file to set the shell for your Apache user to /bin/bash.
> Then "pwconv" so the change takes effect.
> Then try this
>     su - apache (or whatever user your Apache is running as)
>     clamdscan /var/zendto/*
>     clamdscan --fdpass /var/zendto/*
>     exit
> What happened? Did the virus scans both complete successfully?
> If not, and you're running CentOS/RedHat 7, try this and then give the above another try:
>     groupmems --group virusgroup --add apache
>     systemctl restart httpd
> I added that extra groupmems command to the Installer a day or two ago when I discovered that RedHat/CentOS had changed their group membership rules in an update.
> Any improvement?
> Cheers,
> Jules.
> P.S. Otherwise, if you can give me remote ssh access I can login myself and take a look for you. I would be interested to see what it is, if it's not any of the above.
>> On 25/10/2018 16:22, Ken Etter wrote:
>> Yep, PHP 7.2 is installed.  I've run through the installer multiple times now.  No change, still get the error.
>> Ken
>> >>> Jules Field <Jules at Zend.To> 10/25/2018 11:15 AM >>>
>> > Do you have PHP 7.2 installed?
>> My Installer can be run in stages, and those stages can be run independently.
>> So you might want to download the Installer, unpack it and wander into it. In what will obviously be the right sub-dir for your OS, you will see the numbered scripts.
>> # cd install.ZendTo/CentOS-RedHat/
>> # ls
>> 1-devtools.sh 3-clamav.sh 5-httpd-php.sh 7-zendto.sh CentOS6 RHEL7
>> 2-php.sh 4-firewall.sh 6-email.sh 8-selinux.sh RHEL5                 
>> #
>> If your web server is already working nicely, then you can probably skip stage 1 (though it won't do any harm).
>> If you haven't installed PHP 7.2 along with things like the sodium extension, then run stage 2 which installs PHP. (Grab a backup copy of your ZendTo installation first, as it may have to remove the *whole* of PHP first which can also remove ZendTo and other PHP applications in the process, before it can install the correct version).
>> Stages 3 and 5 shouldn't do any damage, but will add any new settings they need for PHP and so on.
>> Stage 7 does the actual ZendTo installation itself, which it will do as an upgrade if it finds a zendto RPM already installed. Well worth running.
>> Stage 8 is only relevant if you are using SELinux, and won't do anything if you're not.
>> Since version 4, ZendTo no longer needs any form of custom-built PHP or anything like that. So there's no recompiling to be done.
>> Then if you have a previous preferences.php and/or zendto.conf, you need to use
>> /opt/zendto/bin/upgrade_preferences_php
>> and
>> /opt/zendto/bin/upgrade_zendto_conf
>> to upgrade those files.
>> Also, if you have done an RPM upgrade from ZendTo 4, you probably have a whole stack of *.rpmnew files in /opt/zendto/templates. You want to move each of those into place so they replace your old *.tpl files.
>> As I said, it really is faster/easier/better to build v5 from scratch, its requirements are so different from v4.
>> Hope that helps,
>> Jules.
>>> On 25/10/2018 15:59, Ken Etter wrote:
>>> None of that helps. I'm building a new system. This is a production system. I never had problems in the past with upgrading so I went ahead and did it. Bad move. Unless anyone has any other ideas, I will just keep working on setting up the new system. I have to get something running again for my users.
>>> Ken
>>> >>> Jules Field via ZendTo <zendto at zend.to> 10/25/2018 10:53 AM >>>
>>> > Yes, those directories do need to be writable by whatever user and group your web server is running as.
>>> If you are using SELinux (most likely if you are using CentOS or RedHat), then I would also advise
>>> restorecon -FRv /opt/zendto /var/zendto
>>> to reset all the SELinux attributes to the values configured by my Installer.
>>> Also, if you think it might be an SELinux problem, you can switch it into "permissive" mode by
>>> setenforce permissive
>>> systemctl restart httpd
>>> systemctl restart clamd at scan
>>> To switch it back to "enforcing", you then do
>>> setenforce enforcing
>>> systemctl restart httpd
>>> systemctl restart clamd at scan
>>> Cheers,
>>> Jules.
>>>> On 25/10/2018 14:31, Gray McCord via ZendTo wrote:
>>>> I’ve seen that message as well. Check the file permissions on the /opt/zendto directories. Seems like I needed to make them writeable by the apache user, but I could be mistaken.
>>>> Gray McCord
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>>>> Going back through the mailing list archives, I                                     see that I am having exactly the same problem as Kevin O'Connor in this thread: http://jul.es/pipermail/zendto/2018-June/003208.html
>>>> Files are uploaded, but I get that error message and the email is not sent.
>>>> There is no stated resolution in that thread. Any suggestions or do I have to rebuild a brand new Zend.To server?
>>>> Zend.To has been fairly solid for me...a bit of a pain to find this upgrade to be so fragile.
>>>> Ken
>>>> >>> Ken Etter via ZendTo <zendto at zend.to>                                       10/25/2018 8:38 AM >>>
>>>> I am running this on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS if that matters.
>>>> Ken
>>>> >>> Ken Etter via ZendTo <zendto at zend.to>                                       10/25/2018 8:36 AM >>>
>>>> Just upgraded my Zend.To installation from 4.x to 5.15-1. Everything appeared to go ok. But when I click drop-off files, I get an error that states: "Sorry, I failed to drop-off your files! Note that you cannot drop-off directories, only files." I'm not dropping off a directory, just a single file. I tried a couple different file types - same error each time. Any suggestions for fixing this? Thanks!
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