[ZendTo] Multi-cpu or thread use

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Fri Oct 12 00:03:31 BST 2018

With the enabling of encryption in ZendTo, I've seen an increase in 
memory and CPU utilization. I'm running 5.11 on CentOS on VMWare.

Today, I had the host bumped up to 3GB of ram (from 2GB). This seems a 
lot, but I duno how much clamav is using or if I have httpd rigged for 
multi-process or multi-thread. Does php work with either? Anyway...

If I ask for another virtual process to be thrown at this, is the php 
going to be able to take advantage of it? That is, will it be able to 
virus scan one big file while simultaneously encrypting another?

Will it matter how the work arrives? That is, if a user drops two files, 
is that going to be handled sequentially in one httpd process? But if 
two users on different httpd processes each drop one file, might they be 
handled in parallel?

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