[ZendTo] Disable ciphers

Dale E. Qualls deq at pattishall.com
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Correct, I'm not sure why it would either but it never hurts to ask ☺


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External email, exercise caution.

On 4/17/2018 5:51 AM, Dale E. Qualls via ZendTo wrote:
> Jules (or anyone J)
> My newly built zendto server (on CentOS 7) is testing poorly for sweet32
> (using medium strength ciphers).  I need to remediate this but I want to
> be sure it won't break zendto.  I don't see why it would but I thought
> I'd ask before I go to tweaking things.

I don't see how this could affect ZendTo. What you are adjusting is the
cipher-suite available to the Apache web server.

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