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A couple of extra points added below...

On 11/09/2017 17:56, Kris Lou wrote:
>     1-Where ZendTo stores the uploaded files (repository path …..)?
> By default, /var/zendto/dropoffs.  If I recall, you can change this in 
> preferences.php.
Make sure that all of /var/zendto/{dropoffs,incoming,library} are on the 
same filesystem. Otherwise things like moving files from incoming to 
dropoffs will take *forever* at the end of each upload.
>     2-Can we use store files on the server?
> Library of Files
> usingLibrary
> If you frequently send one or more of a small set of files to 
> recipients, you don't want to have to upload each file to ZendTo every 
> time. So this "Library of Files" feature allows you to have a 
> directory of frequently-used files. When you come to choose what files 
> to send to a recipient, you can choose to either upload a file or pick 
> from a file already in the library. You can have a per-user library as 
> well as a default one, and the library feature will only be presented 
> to the user if there are files in their library. Also, the description 
> used for each file is remembered, so when you next send a particular 
> library file to a recipient, you won't even have to enter the 
> description. To enable the library feature, set this to true.
> libraryDirectory
> This points to the directory used by the "Library of Files" feature. 
> All files in this directory must be at least readable by the web 
> server user. The default set of files presented to a user should be 
> placed in this directory. Sub-directories of this are named after the 
> username they correspond to, and contain the set of files available to 
> that user. The per-user directory contents over-rides the default 
> directory, it does not add to it. A good way for users to manage their 
> library would be to create a WebDAV share that points to it, which is 
> widely documented elsewhere.
Once either your "global" library directory (/var/zendto/library) has 
any files in it, an extra drop-down will appear in each file line in the 
"create a drop-off" page for all logged-in users.
If you just make per-user subdirectories within it, only those users 
with files in their own subdirectory will see the extra drop-down. Just 
name the subdirectory the same as the username.
So then only a few select ZendTo "power users" get to see the drop-down, 
without confusing all your hordes of "mere mortals" out there. :-)

We use it here for some of our IT support who frequently need to send 
the same files to users again and again. Doing it with per-user library 
directories means that no extra file storage space is used at all, as 
the library files are not copied into the dropoffs directory, they are 
linked instead. So it's instant.

Also, when you use a library file (so pick from the drop-down instead of 
clicking Browse or dragging a file onto Browse), it remembers what you 
type in the "Description" field. So the next time anyone picks the same 
library file, the "Description" field is automatically filled in with 
what you put in there last time. Dead handy if you need to give out a 
licence key along with the file, as you only have to type in the licence 
key the first time you send the file.

It *really* speeds up customer service type operations.

> Also, by default, /var/zendto/library.
>     3-How can we disable “Delete Dropoff” option so other person can’t
>     delete the uploaded files.
> http://mailman.ecs.soton.ac.uk/pipermail/zendto/2017-June/002973.html 
> <http://mailman.ecs.soton.ac.uk/pipermail/zendto/2017-June/002973.html>
One extra point on this...
The rules are currently:
1. The Sender can delete a drop-off they have sent.
2. The Recipient can delete a drop-off they have received, but *only* if 
they are the *only* recipient. If there is more than 1 recipient, none 
of the recipients can delete it.

So you may well find you don't actually want to disable the "Delete 
Dropoff" button at all.

> > I think you can just comment the line below within the file
> > "show_dropoff.tpl":
> > {if $isDeleteable}<div style="float:right"><button
> > class="UD_textbutton_admin" onclick="doDelete();">Remover
> > Upload</button></div>{else}&nbsp;{/if}
> > Note that you'll also not be able to delete a upload, even as Admin 
> (unless
> > you uncomment the line again).
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