[ZendTo] Problem with note

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Thu Oct 5 09:25:29 BST 2017


If you're using MySQL, I made a mistake in the DB schema.

The "note" field of the "dropoff" table is a "tinytext" where it should 
be a "text".

Sadly that's non-trivial to correct on existing services. Sorry.

If you know enough SQL to be able to produce some code that will 
carefully replace it without upsetting the rest of the table's contents, 
please do let me know a solution!

If you're using SQLite it should all be fine. Fortunately most people 
now run SQLite as it's so much easier to get up and running.


On 04/10/2017 20:22, Dariusz Radoszek wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having problems with some dropoffs that contains longer note. I have
> max length of note set to 10000 so that should not be a problem but for
> whatever reason it gives me error like that:
> "Upload Error
> Unable to add a dropoff record to the database, please notify the
> administrator.
> Drop-Off Summary
> No files in the dropoff... something is amiss!
> From:
> () from on"
> And to makes thing even harder to debug some notes work fine and some
> not. For example it gives me this error for following note:
> "Jennifer,
> Attached you have reviewed submittals that need to be corrected and
> resubmitted asap.
> Please make the necessary corrections and email back to me.
> tag F13 - is incomplete, the architect requires more detail for Channel
> and lens and driver.
> Also they would like a more detailed drawing .
> Thank you."
> but dropoff with following note is processed just fine:
> "Patty, Erin,
> Attached are reviewed submittals.
> Please email corrected specs so I can submit final submittals.
> Thank you."
> Both dropoffs contains the same single pdf file. There is nothing in the
> logs either. Any suggestions?



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