[ZendTo] Re: New User Question - Upload Error

Karl Bundy karl.bundy at aldentorch.com
Tue Sep 8 20:06:28 BST 2015


I am a new user, and I have tried to go through the documentation, etc. but cannot get past an Upload Error when doing a drop-off for a company employee.  Regardless of if I do a requested drop off using a logged in user, or the Drop-Off button from an email address not associated with a login (and on a different domain), I get an error message "Upload Error You must be logged in as a Southampton user in order to drop-off a file for a non-Southampton user.  Return to the File Exchange main menu to log in and then try again."  When I upload a file from a logged in user for an email address not associated with the company or any login, it works fine.  I am using local authentication.   Is there some way I need to associate users other than the adduser.php command to have it recognize users as being associated with our ZendTo instance and not external users?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

Karl Bundy
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