[ZendTo] Front ending Zendto with an F5 HTTP/SSL appliance

Brad Beckenhauer bbecken at aafp.org
Mon Jul 8 15:05:38 BST 2013

We've been successfully running Zendto for some time and we now have a need to move Zendto behind an F5 load balancer appliance and let the appliance handle all the SSL certs instead of Zendto.
We've hit a snag where some of the Zendto code appears to be forcing HTTPS ( eg verify.php, ayah.php, pickup.php to name a few).
It would be nice if we could simply disable HTTPS/SSL in the preferences.
Has anyone else been successful in front ending Zendto with an SSL appliance?
If so, would you please share how you did it.
thanks in advance
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