[ZendTo] Re: Small but annoying formatting errors in templates/dropoff_email.tpl

Mike Brudenell mike.brudenell at york.ac.uk
Mon Feb 25 11:08:04 GMT 2013

Hi, Jules -

On 25 February 2013 10:43, Jules <Jules at zend.to> wrote:

>    - Line 9:
>    Says "If you wish to contact the sender, just reply to this email."
>    but our messages get sent out from a "do-not-reply" address as set
>    with EmailSenderAddress in conf/zendto.conf. I think I read recently that
>    ZendTo no longer forges the sender's email address for messages it sends
>    out, so presumably this statement should no longer be present?
>   No, if you check an email sent by it, it should be setting the
> "Reply-To:" header which overrides the "From:" address when a recipient
> thumps "Reply".

Ah! I've double checked and you're quite right: the config/zendto.conf

EmailSenderAddress = 'DropOff Service <do-not-reply at york.ac.uk>'

does indeed set the "From:" address and leaves the "Reply-to:" address
pointing at the email address of the person who sent the dropoff.

I guess the confusion I felt comes from my configuring the service to send
from <do-not-reply at york.ac.uk> which gets clearly displayed in the "From:"
header, and then not thinking that the (normally not shown) "Reply-to:"
header would be present. I may have to set up a different email address
just for the Dropoff Service to send from to avoid this confusion in others

In passing…

There's also another oddity in when you forget to select a file to upload…

   - If you've not entered a recipient you get a nice little pop-up window
   telling you to select a recipient.
   - If you have entered a recipient but just forgotten to select which
   file you want to upload but instead click the "Drop Off Files" button you
   get an error page that includes something which looks like it shouldn't be
   there; see the bit I've marked with a red background in the section
   copy'n'pasted from the page:

[image: [error]]Upload ErrorYou must choose at least one file to drop-off.
Use the back button in your browser to go back and fix this omission before
trying again.
  Drop-Off SummaryNo files in the dropoff... something is amiss!

() from on

Mike B-)

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