[ZendTo] Can't log in from local server

Gray McCord gdm at sangabriel.com
Sat Feb 16 17:41:18 GMT 2013

I've been putting Zendto through its paces with several users on a couple of
different evaluation servers for a few weeks now very successfully. There is
only one issue that is driving me crazy, but doesn't really interfere with
anything other than my admin / development activities.

What happens is that when I try to access Zendto from the server it runs on
(i.e. http://localhost <http://localhost/> ), it lets me log in, but does
not let me do anything that a logged-in user can normally do. For example if
I login as an admin user, I see the additional admin buttons, but as soon as
I hit one of those buttons, I get an access denied error. This does not
happen if I access the server from any other system. I verified the timezone
info was set correctly per the documentation, so that likely is not the

Any advice? 



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